THIS striking image was captured by the Herald camera on Wednesday evening. Looking
like something from the turn of the nineteenth century, with cogs and wheels atop these poles, the rising full moon made an interesting interlope into the image.

Kilometres of shining galvanised, poles reflected the setting sun and made them quite eye catching from the Blue Ribbon Road, just prior to dusk as the sun set.

The poles rapidly being erected along the Ailsa Wheat Road will soon support massive
transmission lines from the tallest wind turbines in Australia.

Work is progressing rapidly on the project with foundations currently being poured with the aim of three, thousand tonne concrete foundations for the wind turbine towers being poured each week.

The Herald understands a helicopter will be used to thread a lead cable through each pulley, which will then be used to draw the heavy transmission lines from each tower back to the main central transmission station, connecting power to the state through the huge
steel powerline towers heading north and south through the region.

As part of the Warracknabeal CFA group exercise recently, district firefighters visited the Murra Warra RES wind farm project, viewing the massive work site in progress. See next Warracknabeal Herald for more photographs and further details.