Around 4pm on Sunday 12th June, three females approximately 40 years old and a six year old female child set off along the Desert Walk track from the Wonga campground in Wyperfeld National Park. The walk was expected to take around one hour.

The group became disorientated and walked off the track and into Wyperfeld National Park on the Nine Mile Square track.

A rescue call went out when the group didn’t return to the campsite to their remaining friends and family.

Rainbow Police Officer Leading Senior Constable Tony Clark and a member from Speed attended the scene and began conducting a search with other resources en route including an air wing unit, Parks Victoria employees, Police and SES.

The group of four were located at about 7pm, uninjured, cold but otherwise well. They ended up around 15 kilometres from where they had started.

They were returned back to their campsite, where tea and biscuits were enjoyed all around.

The group were equipped for a short walk only, with no water, food or matches or lighter for starting a campfire.

“We would like to advise all campers to carry these three items when attempting any bushwalk, whether short or long, as these can become lifesaving in an instance like this,” LSC Clark said.

“Rescue efforts were hampered by the lack of mobile phone reception in the Park,” LSC Clark said.

“The remaining members of the group were lucky they had any service to call for help. This also helped narrow down the search area, as some parts of the Park has patches of service and we hoped that that was where they were calling from.”

All parties would like to extend their thanks to Marg Krelle for her assistance and her local knowledge of the Park and surrounds.