Once the game started the Jeparit Rainbow boys soon took control of the game. First quarter goals to Aiden Gelligen and Xavier Oakley meant a handy lead for the team at the first break. Max McKenzie was using smart handballs to set up his running teammates.

In the second quarter it was the run of Bailey Clark and Matt Thomas that stood out. It was great to see Matt back playing football after he suffered a serious arm injury over the summer holidays.

In the second half the boys pressed home their advantage with Xavier Oakley finishing with four goals for the game. He had good support from Jordy Leach and Brodie Pitt. Oliver Schilling and Flynn Smith appreciated playing against boys their own age and size, they both did some good work. It was great that Fraser McIntyre and Sam Peachey were playing this week and could enjoy the excitement of winning. These two boys have been coming from Horsham Saints to help out the Jeparit Rainbow team.

Congratulations to all the Jeparit Rainbow and Southern Mallee Giants players who played the game in such a spirited and fair manner.

Scores: Jeparit Rainbow 9.8.62 defeated Southern Mallee Giants 1.3.9

Goal Kickers: Xavier Oakley 4, Aiden Gelligen Mason Doxey, Joad Fuller, Matt Thomas, Nicholas Roll.
Best Players: Xavier Oakley, Bailey Clark, Matt Thomas, Jordy Leach, Max McKenzie, Brodie Pitt.

Once again the boys struggled against a much older and bigger team. You have to admire the older boys, who run out each week knowing they have no hope of winning, but still give 100 percent and fight the game out to the end.

Hayden Jamieson is one of these players; he just keeps running from contest to contest. Jaydn Kruger gives his all in the ruck. Rory O’Halloran and Liam Preston do not know what it is to give up and Tyreece Taylor uses his pace to break free from much bigger opponents.

They are assisted by some enthusiastic younger players who were playing their second game for the day.

Scores: Jeparit Rainbow 0.0.0 lost to Southern Mallee Giants 10.12.72

Best Players: Hayden Jamieson, Rory O’Halloran, Liam Preston, Jordy Leach, Tyreece Taylor, Jaydn Kruger.

The team started well against the second placed Giants, staying in the game until well into the second quarter, and then they slowly fell behind. Woody Conboy, Matt Cozens and Marvin Macalinao never gave up, running hard for the whole game. Robert McAllister did well around the ground while Andrew Lamont and Nathan Sparling have developed into very handy players for the team.

Scores: Jeparit Rainbow 6.1.37 lost to Southern Mallee Giants 15.10.100

Goal Kickers: Woody Conboy, Nathan Jensz, Steve Murphy, Alan Roberts, Chris Heinrich, Robert McAllister.
Best Players: Woody Conboy, Matt Cozen, Robert McAllister, Marvin Macalinao, Nathan Sparling, Andrew Lamont.

A very large crowd turned up on a perfect autumn day to see the two undefeated team’s battle it out. Jeparit Rainbow supporters were feeling apprehensive as their team was missing five injured players. The Giants had attracted lots of publicity in their first season in the Horsham District League and would have started the game as favourites.

Jeparit Rainbow started well with great pressure all over the ground. Goals to Peter Weir and Luke Murphy gave them an early advantage before the game settled into a tight contest with both teams attacking the ball with real purpose.
¼ Time: Jeparit Rainbow 4.2 – Southern Mallee Giants 3.6

In the second quarter goals to Luke Murphy and Nathan Cocks again gave Jeparit Rainbow a slight advantage. Murphy was doing well around the ground both winning the contested ball and running it forward. Then the team’s task started to become more difficult as a knee injury to fullback Adam Schulz forced him from the ground, he had been well on top of Kain Robins. Brodie Grant who had returned to the team after missing two weeks then had his hamstring again cause problems. So the team entered the half time break trailing by ten points but with serious injury concerns.
½ Time: Jeparit Rainbow 6.2 – Southern Mallee Giants 6.12

Great play by Peter Weir pulled the team back into the game as he goaled and then set up a goal to Ash Clugston. Then followed a period of fierce contested play, with Sam Cranna playing a top game, as he set up behind the play to constantly repel the Giants attacks. Luke Murphy, was also dropping back to help out the defence. Jayden Werner had moved onto Robins and was well on top. Tyler Edelsten was playing a great game constantly punching the ball clear of his opponent. Simon Clugston was also winning the ball but poor disposal let him down. Chris Meyer who had been off the ground after a heavy knock kicked a goal to keep his team in close contact with the Giants, before a late goal gave them a twelve point lead.
¾ Time: Jeparit Rainbow 9.6 – Southern Mallee Giants 9.18

During the three quarter time break Coach Mark Cocks urged his team to keep attacking despite their injury problems. However in the final quarter the inability to rotate players in the second half showed up as the Jeparit Rainbow midfielders started to tire. Desperate defence stopped the Giants from dominating but the run was not there. Justin Cozens was one player who stood out in this quarter with some cool play in defence. Chris Meyer took another heavy knock and left the ground supported by the trainers. It was fitting that Peter Weir kicked the final goal of the game as he battled against two or three opposition players all day, he did a top job to finish with four goals.

Despite losing the team can take some positives out of the game as it fought the game out to the end and matched it with the Giants for long periods.

Scores: Jeparit Rainbow 10.10.70 lost to Southern Mallee Giants 12.23.95

Goal Kickers: Peter Weir 4, Ash Clugston 2, Luke Murphy 2, Nathan Cocks, Chris Meyer.
Best Players: Luke Murphy, Sam Cranna, Nathan Cocks, Simon Clugston, Jayden Werner, Tyler Edelsten.

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