The Stormwater meeting at the Community Centre, Dimboola was well attended with many matters discussed.
The group talked about uncontrolled waters and where the water issues lie.
The purpose is to address the problem with the subcatchment plans that illustrate the behaviour of the stormwater flow, to provide preliminary solutions to the obvious problems and to conduct preliminary works and maintenance plans to ensure the problems are resolved.
Contributing factors that are combined effects of the localised stormwater problem in Dimboola are heavy rain and runoff, topography – the “lay of the land”, the drainage infrastructure and the design principles.
Information stated from the Dimboola Storm water Drainage Study highlight issues to be addressed such as main drain east, main drain west, Normanby and the Wimmera west which are divided into four subcatchments.
The proposed plan is to construct drainage near the water treatment plant and under the railway line.
The Council is looking to make the table drains bigger and possibly will not put pipes in.
The Council has advised that some of the work will be done this year, jobs will be prioritised to determine what job will be done next, the time frame is yet to be confirmed.
The Hindmarsh Shire Council will start on some of the more significant changes.
The course of action will be starting at the bottom of the catchment and working our way up depending on the stormwater issue.
Getting the pipeline to the river is a massive job with a number of stages to complete to achieve the outcome.
With much work undertaken on the railway line, where culverts have been filled in Council will have to double check to ensure the problem is established correctly and that the area is monitored.
The aim is to divert water away from all properties and to only have a small water catchment, that is the objective from Nursery Road, Wail to St Leonards Avenue, Dimboola.
Possibly detention bases within the catchment will need to be constructed.
The Council propose to conduct surveys within the town to determine where works will commence.
Funds will need to be allocated, this year the budget has allowed for $200,000 for allocation to the storm-water issue.
The Hindmarsh Shire Council is yet to endorse the recommendations.

• Deep in discussion – Community members together with contractor senior consultant Duncan Wallis discuss storm water issues faced in Dimboola.