Tianee Carlin passes the ball in the B Grade game.
Tianee Carlin passes the ball in the B Grade game.

Round 7 v Natimuk

A fresh morning after a nice drop of rain overnight did not deter our little modified girls. Ready and raring to go we came up against some tall competition, but to our girls credit they kept their fighting spirit up and were able to produce some good passages of play. Lucy Thomas who claims not to be a shooter shot some great goals. A great game against a very competitive Natimuk side.

Horsham Lanes & Games Voucher: Phoebe Bigham.

13 & Under
Great start by the girls – they came out fighting and worked well as a team to produce some excellent play right down the court. There was some fantastic team work and it was great to see them all encouraging each other. Tessa Leach starred with a fantastic intercept. Their second quarter was outstanding and their coaches were so excited about the defences and their intercepts, and the goalies and their sly moves that they were lost for words. Throughout the entire game everyone took into account what was practised at training. Everyone gave 110 percent.

Score: JR 13 lost to Natimuk 23

Hiscock Drink Bottle: Erin Preston
CBA Drink Bottle: Bronte Eckermann.

15 & Under
With all the girls fighting hard for the ball, it was great to see Jess McMaster back in action for the Storm. Natimuk GS was very tall but our defences fought well and kept trying their best to intercept and keep the goals to a limit. Midcourt working well, passing into the attacking end with the goalies trying their hardest to get the score up. Madi Price with her encouraging wisdom throughout the whole game. Liv Mellington with some awesome intercepts that is making the goalies work really hard for the ball. Unfortunately with a loss, the girls played a really good game and fought hard to keep up with Natimuk.

Score: JR 11 lost to Natimuk 33

Purple Turkey Hairbrush: Macy Fuller
Conways $5: Olivia Mellington.

17 & Under
We were off and racing from the first whistle with our usual fast paced style of play. Beautiful moving all the way down the court. We managed to intercept and score the first few goals which kept spirits high. Some fancy footwork let us down but the mere presence of the defence got the ball back down to our attacking end very soon. Strong hands from everyone kept the ball in our possession – the girls gelled very smoothly. Girls got a bit complacent with the ball but still applied great pressure all over the court. Even with changes in positions and different faces on the court the girls played great netball and flowed very nicely. Great leading for the ball. Well done young ladies on a great show of class and skill that showed us just how the Storm like to play.

Score: JR 56 defeated Natimuk 11

Presh Beauty Voucher: Maddison Marra
Intersport Voucher: Georgia Gelligen.

C Grade
Girls got off to a great start, with some wonderful passages of play. Goalies goaling well, mid court players leading forward and defenders applying great pressure and getting some rebounds.

Girls continued their great game into the second quarter extending their lead by six goals.

Third quarter the girls continued to combine well as a team and made use of the many intercepts. Lots of positive talk all over the court.

The girls finished their game off well playing the last quarter as if it was their first. Girls came away with a well deserved 11 goal win! Great team game girls well done.

Score: JR 36 defeated Natimuk 25

Wimmera Mallee Waste Award: Tessa Marra
Hiscock Drink Bottle: Lauren Cameron.

A Grade
Q1: Both teams came out strong but Natimuk had the upper hand with tall shooters. Britta and Claire working hard in defence. The Storm girls slowly began to settle into the quarter. JR 8 Nat 21.

Q2: Some great passages of play. All girls working hard with some great turnovers, and the goalies shooting some fantastic goals. JR 17 Nat 33.

Q3: Everyone working hard. Girls getting a bit congested in the centre third. Nards came off giving Bridget a run in WA. JR 20 Nat 49.

Q4: Storm having some good passages of play but Natimuk had the upper hand on the day. Good effort girls.

Score: JR 27 lost to Natimuk 58

Royal Hotel Voucher: Alex Hewitt
Purple Turkey Hairbrush: Rylee Cocks.

B Grade

Score: JR 19 lost to Natimuk 56

Complete Auto & Ag Towel: Jess Butcher
Purple Turkey Hairbrush: Tianee Carlin.

C Reserve
Storm girls starting off with a few quick goals, making the atmosphere very cheerful. Beautiful rebounds in the defence end. Natimuk fighting back, giving Storm some competition. Very good perseverance getting those goals in. Some spirited team dancing with Roschelle and Phoebe in the centre. Great first quarter JR 6 Nat 9.

Natimuk increased their intensity in the second quarter, with their tall goalies shooting very accurately. Storm still giving it their all and going for the ball.

Despite the odd spot of sun blindness in the late afternoon, the Storm girls rallied in the third and saw a bit more of the ball in the attacking end. Hayley and Bridie provided some fresh legs which Bridie soon used to become airborne.

A number of positional changes in the final quarter showed the versatility of the team with some great work from Hayley and Mikayla in goals. Roschelle was instrumental in a lot of the play and although the final score saw Natimuk winning the game it was a great physical competition from both sides.

Score: JR 18 lost to Natimuk 36

Martion Rural Glass: Roschelle Clugston
Bow Bakery Voucher: Tea Kuhne
Coaches Award: Hayley Eckermann.