Lakers Lines – by J.C.
On Saturday we visited Ouyen. It was again a real winter’s day with showers throughout the day.
The Reserves, although well beaten, played some good football and were at times very impressive and will surely be looking forward to next season.
The Seniors had a bad start with Ouyen kicking 8 goals to set up the game for the rest of the day. For the rest of the match we were pretty competitive, adding 9 goals to Ouyen’s 12 so it wasn’t as bad a game to watch as the scores indicated.
The highlight of the game was Damien Cupido’s 10 goals to take him to 103 for the season. His kicking for goal no matter how far out or what angle was worth watching. He is one of the best forwards I have seen in my watching football. Well done Damien, you are clearly an asset to the league.
Saturday saw the last game of the season for the Lakers. We only won a couple of games but to be part of the Lakers is a big part of my life and the friendship shown to me is much appreciated – thanks to you all.
Highlights of the season were our President Brett Fisher playing 300 games as well as keeping the club running really well. Also Dean Schumann’s 200 Lakers games.
Other highlights included the Goods and Services auction which raised over $20,000 and the Michael Helyar Sheep Races with Mick’s mother Lynette presenting the cup to the winning team “Tabbo’s Trophy Wife”.
Congratulations to Dean Schumann who was the runner-up of the Mallee Football League Reserves Best and Fairest for 2013. More details on this will appear in next week’s Argus.
These are the final notes for the season and I would like to firstly thank Ella and also the new editor for space in the paper each week. If I have missed anybody I apologise and hopefully we can have a better season next year.
“Go Lakers Go in 2014”
Signed John Clarke, for the Jeparit Rainbow Football Club.
Score: JR 9.16.70 lost to Ouyen 20.18.138
Goal Kickers: J. Parry 2; H.Clugston, R. Bulluss, C. Meyer, N. Millard, E. Bath, T. Clugston, S. Launer 1.
Awards: Pfeiffer Ag Services Towel & $60 voucher – Tyler Edelsten; Wimmera Mallee Waste $30 & Royal Hotel T42 – Luke Werner; Eureka Hotel T42 – Adam Schulze; Sovereign Transport $30 – Heath Clugston; Ali Smith Plumbing $30 – Lucas Edelsten; SMS Rural Bag – Shannon Launer; Hiscock Haulage Bag Coach’s Award – Nathan Cocks.
Score: JR 10.6.66 lost to Ouyen 19.12.126
Goalkickers: B. Zanker 4; M. Henderson 3; J. Hutson 2; M. Preston 1.
Awards: Pfeiffer Ag Services Towel & $40 voucher – Dion Paech; Royal Hotel T42 – Kris Paech; SMS Rural Esky – Mick Henderson; Bow Bakery $15 voucher – Brett Jensz; $10 Incentive – Francis Verebely, Riley Launer; Team Award stubby holder – Ben Zanker.