Left to right: Rob Langley, Morrie Williams, Lawrie Penpraze, Cr Ron Ismay and Brett Price after the meeting on  Friday night.
Left to right: Rob Langley, Morrie Williams, Lawrie Penpraze, Cr Ron Ismay and Brett Price after the Rainbow Desert Enduro  meeting on Friday night.

AROUND 25 interested Rainbow locals headed to the Mecca supper room on Friday night to hear from the Victorian Off Road Racing Association Inc team about the Rainbow Desert Enduro which will take place on August 4 to 6.

Much of the work has been done behind the scenes to get the event up to this stage, but now is the time to get the community interested and active in helping get the finishing touches together before the big event.

Brett Price, President of Victorian Off Road Racing Association Inc, along with several other members of the Association were present and were able to answer any questions to do with the weekend’s event and how it might impact on farmland and surrounding areas.

There were also representatives from the Hindmarsh Shire with Councillors Ron Ismay and Ron Lowe present at the

“After a meeting on Friday morning with representatives from Parks Victoria, DELWP and landowners and leasers of land, we feel now that we can get the weekend’s event sorted, the track organised and ?nalised, and get on with the job that needs to be done here in Rainbow,” Mr Price said.

“We are also heavily involved with the Hindmarsh Shire Council for traffic management, and general duties that will need to be performed over the weekend,” he said.

The track chosen is designed to let farmers go about their daily business without disruption.

For locals who are curious as to what will go on with the racing, there will be good spectator locations via a bus which will leave from the old bunker site at the top of Bow Hill. A significant amount of the action will take place from this location however people can head out “into the ?eld” for a track side view via the scheduled buses.

“The main thing is, we want to keep everyone safe and give them the best views they can get,” Mr Price said.

“Which is why we will have the busses running.  It’s easier to know where everyone is if they’re all in buses. We don’t want to get in the way of everyone enjoying themselves, which is why they’ll be able to stay in one location or move between viewing locations via the bus,” he said.

The Rainbow Transfer Station will be closed over the weekend, as the cars will be racing along the tip road. This is to keep drivers and spectators apart for their own safety.

“The race itself is part of the Australian Championship, and we envision many racing cars coming along to try and win the Championship as the ?eld is currently wide open. There will be plenty of action and many tourists will travel from right across the country to see the race,” Mr Price said.

“It’s dif?cult to say at the present time just how many entries we’ll get. Most, if not all, of the accommodation in Rainbow is already booked out, so that’s a fair sign that this could be a massive Rainbow Desert Enduro on track for big weekend event,” he said.

“Massive for us as organisers, but also massive for Rainbow and the surrounding districts.”

With Rainbow being on the national stage, many competing teams will head back to their hometowns and spread the word about Rainbow and surrounds. Teams often travel from locations across Western Australia, Queensland, South Australia and New South Wales. There is also the possibility of teams coming from Far North Queensland and Tasmania. The track itself starts from the top of the Bow Hill and stretches 80 kilometres along the edge of the desert to the west and north west of the township. The track will be ?nalised shortly.

“We need checkpoint people,” Mr Price said.

“As many as we can ?nd really. We can’t have too many people helping out,” he said.

“Safety is, and has always been, our number one priority. Some of these drivers are travelling at well over 100 kilometres an hour and if something happens, we need help fast. We need spotters on the track and we hope the locals will help us out. They will also get a trackside view of the race.”


Bow Hill will be the place to be over the weekend.

From there people will see the pits as cars come in to refuel and the like. It is also the start and ?nish line. All the facilities will be available for spectators as well, with food vendors, ongoing and
live commentary, a viewing area plus loads more.

On the Friday night, Federal Street will be closed down for locals and visitors to mingle. Some of the race cars will be parked in the street for interested locals to take a look at. The shops will stay open for food and drinks.

A presentation dinner will take place on Sunday night for competitors and their crews where spectators are also welcome to mingle with the competitors. More details on this will be released soon.

“We’re trying to make this event something special for Rainbow. We’re here for the long haul and we want to see the event succeed just as much as for you as for us,” Mr Price said.

“The sport is always changing for the better. And we hope that the town enjoys the sport just as much as we do,” he said.

Throughout the weekend, many volunteers will be needed, either through catering, checkpoint people, 4WD recovery people and just general helpers.

If anyone is interested in offering their assistance, call Brett Price on 0418 313 656 or talk to Ron Ismay.

There are also lists people can put their names on at the IGA and Tina’s Cafe. Different groups have already been approached for catering purposes.

The Rainbow Desert Enduro is the third round of the 2017 CAMS Australian Off Road Championships. Round one took place in St George in April and round two was in Finke at the start of June.