On Sunday 4th August St John’s Congregation in Jeparit gathered outside their church in eager anticipation and excitement to await the newly erected bell on the bell tower to be dedicated “to the Glory of God” and rung for the first time on Lutheran grounds.
This bell had rung out for many years calling our Anglican brothers and sisters to worship from the Anglican Church next door to St John’s. When the Anglican Church building was demolished, the land was sold and the bell was donated to St John’s. We invited David and Marie Livingstone, former members of Holy Trinity Anglican Church Jeparit, with the invitation for David to ring the bell.
Pastor Damien Martin, Pastor of Dimboola/Jeparit Parish began with Psalms and prayers of praise. Before David gave the first ring of the old bell in its new home he shared some of the bell’s history with us.
“This bell was donated to Holy Trinity Church of England, Jeparit in 1929 by Mr William Hill, in memory of his wife Hannah, who passed away a year or two before. William came from the Detpa area where he farmed with his brother Robert.
It is with great pleasure that the congregation of Holy Trinity gives this bell to St John’s Lutheran Church knowing that it will now remain in Jeparit.
It will be wonderful, to hear the sound of the bell, now, calling your people to worship. Thank you for the invitation for me to ring the bell for the first time at its new home.”
The Congregation then moved into the Church for the worship service. After the service a delicious fellowship luncheon was enjoyed by everyone in the hall. It was certainly a day of celebration and thanksgiving to God from the two Congregations.

• St John’s congregation with the new bell.
• St John’s congregation with the new bell.