Dear Sir,
I am writing to inform the community of the background behind GrainFlow’s decision to withdraw the offer presented to Dimboola Football & Netball Club to crop the vacant land at the Dimboola site. GrainFlow and its parent company Cargill, take very seriously their obligation to support the communities in which our employees live and work.
A recent review of the GrainFlow business operations regarding the use of spare land found that there were significant opportunities available to local communities to share the benefits of the cropping projects at GrainFlow sites. With specific regards to Dimboola, we believe there is scope for the benefit of spare land to be shared amongst a number of willing recipients to better support the Dimboola community.
As a result, GrainFlow has developed a “Community Cropping” model that will be implemented across the GrainFlow network. At Dimboola this will result in the land being cropped, with all profits from the project to be distributed amongst the Dimboola and surrounding community. This project will be administered to ensure local community projects, charities and sporting groups all receive support from the GrainFlow business.
GrainFlow Dimboola will provide more details on the process for gaining access to “Community Cropping” funds in the future and will be calling on all local groups to make submissions to receive funds. Our endeavour is not to disadvantage the local Football & Netball Club, but to spread cropping proceeds across multiple local causes and have a wider, more meaningful impact in the Dimboola Community.
We hope the community supports our decision and understand our motivation. We look forward to the successful implementation of our “Community Cropping” project.
In the meantime if you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact Ken Ough at the Dimboola site, on (03) 8389 2099.
Yours etc.