The Mayor & Councillors
Hindmarsh Shire
Dear Councillors
Re: McDonald Street, Dimboola
I live adjacent to an unsealed (gravel) section of McDonald Street in Dimboola.
Access to my property opens off McDonald Street and my neighbours frequently use the street to access their property as well.
I have previously written about the dust which constantly comes off the road and the health hazard this presents, but I understand my letter was misplaced at the Council office.
With a new Council in place I am writing again to draw your attention to the problems that this gravel street, and others around the town, present for local people; rough surfaces that are difficult to walk on and damage cars; dust in dry conditions; mud in wet conditions. My doctor has provided a medical statement confirming the health hazard McDonald Street presents for me and a copy is attached. I’m sure there are many other people throughout Dimboola who are in a similar situation.
I hope that the Council will use its forthcoming budget process, and all of the funding options available to it, to get McDonald Street and Dimboola’s unmade/gravel streets sealed in the not-too-distant future.
Yours faithfully
Theresa Rowe