Dear Sir,
In late 2012 I took the opportunity to attend the annual Dimboola Memorial Secondary College Awards Night, for the first time since I left the school in 1985.  I want to congratulate the Principal, Rob Pyers and all the staff on what was a terrific, inspiring and reassuring evening.  
Awards Night was very well run with student participation in various roles, including as hosts, proving that Dimboola and District has some talented and diverse young people in its midst.
The wide array of awards and prizes that are now available clearly shows that the school retains a commitment to a broad curriculum, covering academia, the arts, music and sport.  The annual $10,000 Menzies Centenary Prize, which is a truly prestigious award given by the Menzies Memorial Scholars Association, is particularly noteworthy.
It is something that distinguishes the school and should inspire every Year 12 student and their family.  
To have people of the calibre of Associate Professor Liisa Laakso from the Menzies Foundation travel from Queensland especially to make this year’s presentation provides an indication of how seriously this award is considered.
To add to all of this, it was remarkable to learn that a previous dux of the school, the Late Miss Elizabeth Hall has bequeathed $400,000 to the school, half of which will be held in trust and fund a number of additional ongoing prizes for achievement.
As a proud former student of “the school on the hill”, it was reassuring to be reminded that Dimboola continues to have a thriving school which would appear to be not only adapting to our changing times but also growing and thriving.  
Congratulations to School Council, the Principal, staff, students, families and supporters and thank you for reminding me that Dimboola continues to have a truly great asset in its special and living memorial to those who served.
Yours etc.
Tony Schneider