From Andy Martion
With up to 50mL of soaking rain falling over the past week, the golf course transformed from a white dry grass to picture perfect green presenting us with absolute perfect playing conditions – no excuses!
While still floating on a high after the birth and his and Ann’s first grandchild, and after playing some of the best golf courses around the world, was Wayne Thomas who just couldn’t wait to hit the course to unleash his talent on us knocking up 42 stableford points in a masterful display. Thomo’s round equated to 74 off the stick, only 3 strokes over par, which also included an eagle on the 14th with a 70 metre chip in (gobbler) ha-ha. Great round.
Runner up Troy Fisher also showed a liking to the conditions accumulating 40 points. This would normally be a winning score on any other day.
It’s pleasing to see good numbers rolling up each week and I’m sure more will take advantage of the great course conditions in the coming weeks.
Hoges and Grat didn’t get too far this week in their buggy, only making it half way up the first fairway before the battery on Grat’s cart went flat. They decided to give the golf away and go mushrooming.
Leroy took a fair bit of convincing that the 12th hole was not the 3rd hardest hole on the course. He was sure he should have got 3 for 6 for his effort at the hole. After some time he flipped his card over to reveal his mistake.
Trav Clarke must be feeling the pressures of the Presidency through his golf, having another rough week with the stick, again finishing last.
Looking forward to a good roll up this week. Par will be the Event.
Office and Bar Duties this week are Joe, Marto and Darren.
Nearest the Pin
5th: Mark Mellington
10th: Troy Fisher
Marto’s Hole: Willy Martion.
H/C    Sc
W. Thomas    9    42
Troy Fisher    21    40
Joe Gould    19    39
Jason Fennell    23    38
Marc Edelsten    9    35
Mark Mellington    14    34
Andy Martion    8    33
Pete Gebert    16    32
Pete Gosling    18    31
Len Sluggett    20    29
Owen Morley    26    27
Bill Martion    18    26
Trav Clarke    18    25
Aaron Glen    112
Sorry about last week’s notes; they went missing. Heath Clugston won with a massive score of 48 points – 85 off the stick. Good things to come for this chap.