Welcome to another edition of Rainbow Hospital happenings. The year seems to be slipping away quickly, I guess the busier one gets the faster it goes, or as one of the residents quoted: the older you get – the faster it goes. I still remember the long days of childhood.
The Hospital has been busy which keeps our noses to the grindstone. Last month WWHS underwent accreditation with the new National Standards which went very well thanks to input from local consumers who stated how well some of the programs offered were received by them. Engagement with you the consumer is now a huge part of daily practise and a giant leap to accreditation. If you the consumer have any ideas of ways that we can do things better, please see myself or forward a letter.
Aged care accreditation will be held over two days on August 4th and 5th so we will be requiring your support then.
This year marks the 10th Anniversary of the opening of the new Rainbow Hospital so on Saturday October 31st we will be having an old fashioned cabaret with hot savoury supper. A 60/40 band called the ‘Blurred Lines’ from Horsham will be playing a great mix of 50’s, 60’s and 70’s music. Flyers will be released this week and table bookings essential.
Fundraising is now an important part of maintaining our beautiful building – already carpet and equipment needs to be replaced, curtains repaired and in some instances totally replaced – in short, we need ongoing support financially so any fundraising ideas would be gratefully received. Hopefully the cabaret will assist in kick starting this and maybe an annual event??
At the moment the old Surgery flat is being revamped to accommodate staff. It is in the process of being painted with a new kitchen ready to be installed and will look fantastic once complete. Our lovely ladies auxiliary have pledged funds towards this and I thank them very much for their ongoing support of our hospital over many years, without their enthusiasm and drive our hospital would not be what it is today.
Our aim is to continually improve the lifestyle of the residents that live here, making it a sought after place to live and be well cared for which it is today.
Wheelchair volunteers – At the moment we have an active set of residents that would like to get out and about more often. We are looking for volunteers to push wheelchairs around town or just go shopping. A group of five walkers at a time would be ideal. If there are mothers with children that would be fine and the residents would be thrilled. Your assistance in this area would be greatly appreciated, so please contact myself if you can donate your time.
Visitors are very welcome at any time –especially school children. We have a lovely lot here who love to talk and reminisce.
Pathology collection – Staff continue to collect pathology at the hospital but an appointment still needs to be made as it depends on the amount of staff on duty at the time. Division one staff only collect blood and if they are busy it takes them off the floor and away from patients/residents. There are only three staff on a shift – one Div 1 and two Div 2’s so safe practise is always top priority. Please remember to ring the Outpatient bell when you come to alert us that you are there.
Please contact me at any time if you have an issue or a better way to do things.
Keep healthy,
Julie McLean
Director of Nursing
Rainbow Hospital.