Edward Frederick Reichenbach
Edward Frederick Reichenbach


The Dimboola and District Historical Society will be holding a two-part photography exhibition in conjunction with the Dimboola Food Festival in the RSL Hall this weekend. The exhibition will feature the work of Edward Frederick Reichenbach (Ted Ryko), who grew up, and lived the latter part of his life, between farms at Tullyvea and Glenlee.


‘Ryko’ firstly became well known for his cycling feats, and in particular his breaking of the cycling record between Adelaide and Darwin in 1914, by over 14 hours. He had still found time to stop and take over 200 photographs along the way.


On settling in Darwin he opened a photographic studio, but his extensive photography, meticulous record-keeping and German ancestry raised the suspicions of the authorities who thought he may have been a spy.

World War One was underway at that time. ‘Ryko’ spent much of his time photographing the outback, riding long distances on his bike and living with Indigenous communities, photographing aspects of the culture and recording their views, through re-enactments, of incidents that had occurred in their history.


The first part of the exhibition, ‘Ryko – A Wild Life’, was produced by the Darwin Library, with additional photographs provided by the Reichenbach and Schwedes families, which concentrates on this period of his life.

The second part of the exhibition is ‘Ryko – Life on the Farm’ is a collection of his photographs, the majority of which were taken mainly on the Tullyvea farm around 1917. They portray aspects of food production and self-sufficiency in farm life during that period.


The exhibition will be open to the public on Thursday and Friday, August 18-19 from 3 to 8pm and for Food Festival patrons. Entry to the exhibition is free.