The Department of Environment and Primary Industries’ (DEPI) crop disease application has been updated.
And with wet paddocks and high disease risk in some cropping areas there is no better time to download this tool to help in disease identification, and early detection of potential exotic crop diseases.
Developer Frank Henry said the app can help agronomists and farmers quickly identify the disease resistance rating of a cereal, pulse of oilseed variety in the paddock.
“Since its release last year, 2500 people have downloaded the app for their phones and we hope that these and others will access the new improved version,” Mr Henry said.
“We’ve learned a lot from user feedback and many new features have been added to improve the functionality of the app.”
New features include:
A comprehensive list of resistance ratings for Victorian crop varieties;
The addition of another crop – triticale;
Thirty new disease images, which brings the total to 100 images;
Multiple disease images are available for some diseases;
Pinch to zoom disease images add to magnification of disease symptoms;
Additional disease management information;
Exotic diseases (those not in Australia) added to help the early detection of such diseases;
A ‘sort varieties by resistance ratings’ feature added;
Colour coding for resistance ratings making it easy to identify resistant and susceptible varieties.
Mr Henry said the app was replacing the traditional hard copy books which had been carried around in vehicles by farmers and advisers.
“It is compact, current and has proven very popular among users. It is important that people know resistance ratings because they are a key to reducing the impact of crops diseases.”
The app can be downloaded by going to the Apple store or Google play.