Council voted to approve this application.  They now have to wait 21 days to see if there is a VCAT application to over turn the decision.


A planning application is before Hindmarsh Council to turn old abattoirs at Woorak into a Silkie Bantam chicken farm.


Hindmarsh Shire Council will vote on the application at today’s council meeting.


Silkie Bantams are apparently normally known as a cute pet chicken in Australia, that is described as having fur rather than feathers because of their fluffy appearance. But one of the more unusual characteristics of the ‘Silkie’ is that it has black bones and a dark blue grey flesh.


The Silkie Bantam can be difficult to breed as a commercial bird because it is particularly  sensitive to the climate. The insulated walls of the abattoirs make it ideal for to start this business says Steve Brickell in his application.


The proposed abattoirs operators have reportedly secured orders for 800 birds a week into the Melbourne markets with the potential for many more interested buyers when reliable supplies become available.
Hindmarsh council has deferred its decision twice, on the basis of the need for further information, despite Cr Robins voting to pass the application through.