The districts farmers are all smiles after two days of steady rain resulted in most of the district receiving around fifty millimetres of rain. The Argus spoke to a number of farmers and they all agreed it has been one of the best autumn breaks for many years.
Gus Weir had between 55-60 mils at his Yaapeet properties and 45 mils at his home farm. He had dry sown 800 hectares of oats and vetch. He hopes to begin sowing Canola after Easter. Half of his ewes are lambing with the rain meaning he will be able to stop hand feeding them in four to six weeks.
Brad Schumann received between 35-45 mils on his property. His ewes are also lambing and the rain is great news for them as a green pick will soon occur. He hopes to begin his cropping program around Anzac day.
On the other side of Lake Hindmarsh Seamus O’Halloran has received 42 mil of rain. He hopes to begin sowing barley and vetch this week. He will then go onto the Lupins. With his ewes to begin lambing at the end of the month the rain was very timely.
Pella farmer David Stasinowsky had about 50 mil of rain. His ewes will also enjoy the green feed that will soon germinate. He will start sowing oats and vetch now that it has rained and begin his main cropping program in early May.
Brett Fisher received about 50 mil of rain over his land at Pigick and Yaapeet. He will start sowing vetch this week followed by canola and then his cereals.
Finally at Kenmare Nathan Smith received 43 mil of rain. He had sown about 400 hectares of vetch and barley before the rain. He will now sow the rest of the vetch and barley.

• Rocca enjoyed running around in the puddles after the recent rain.
• Rocca enjoyed running around in the puddles after the recent rain.