It was a very inauspicious start to the Dimboola and District Tennis Association season with two of the three scheduled matches being unable to commence due to rain.
However Antwerp and Wallup managed to begin and finish all their sets without interruption from the skies.
The day began with Antwerp taking both the men’s and the ladies singles. Wallup’s Adrian Schwarz was no match for Nathan Jorgensen who won easily 9-0, whilst Antwerp’s Kelly Laverty had a battle on her hands against Cara McRae. Kelly was able to win 9-7.
In the mixed doubles, Wallup held the upper hand, but Antwerp still managed to take two sets off them to bring the final score in the singles/mixed section to Antwerp 4 sets and 55 games to Wallup three sets and 38 games.
Antwerp’s men then set about demolishing Wallup’s men by taking all 6 sets on offer and only giving away 21 games. The one-sided score was Antwerp 6 sets and 54 games to Wallup 0 sets and 21 games.
In the ladies section we saw a good battle between Samantha Baker and Janelle Baker of Antwerp against Karen Inkster and Michelle Lutze of Wallup.
Wallup were victorious in a tie-breaker. Karen then teamed up with Grace Lutze to defeat the Antwerp pair of Samantha Baker and Tamieka Owies 9-2.
Sadly for Wallup these two sets were all they could manage against Antwerp’s ladies. Antwerp won the ladies section 4 sets and 46 games to Wallup two sets and 30 games.
The final score for the days play was Antwerp 14 sets, 155 games and five match points to Wallup 5 sets, 89 games and 0 match points.
As no-one else played this puts Antwerp firmly on top of the ladder with Yaapeet in 7th as they had the bye and Wallup in 6th. There are four teams all on 2.5 points.
Three set winners were Nathan Jorgensen, Chris Avery, Nathan Albrecht, Kelly Laverty, and Abbey Greig for Antwerp and Karen Inkster for Wallup.
Ladder after Round 1
Antwerp 5, 174.16; Arkona 2.5, 0; Dimboola 2.5, 0; Jeparit 2.5, 0; Rainbow 2.5, 0; Wallup 0, 57.42; Yaapeet 0, 0.