A well attended game at Jeparit last Saturday saw the Jeparit Rainbow Seniors have a strong win over Edenhope Apsley. This win means that there is now a two game gap between the third placed Jeparit Rainbow and fourth placed Kalkee.

Earlier in the day the U14 boys held on for a thrilling five point win to make it three wins in a row. It was also a very special day for Mal Smith as he played his five hundredth game for the Club.

The first quarter set the tone for the game as both teams attacked the ball hard in a physical game. Jeparit Rainbow seemed to have a more dangerous forward line with Peter Weir kicking two goals in the quarter. Sean Bayzand, a late inclusion in the team, also kicked a nice goal; while not winning a lot of possessions during the game Bayzand made every one of them count.
¼ Time: Jeparit Rainbow 4.4 – Edenhope Apsley 3.3.

The second quarter began with the home team kicking points before a goal to Edenhope Apsley really tightened the game up. The strength of Luke Murphy and Ben Marra in the packs was starting to stand out. Simon Clugston was playing his best game for the year as he roamed the forward half of the ground. His hard running meant he often marked unopposed. Three goals in a row meant Jeparit Rainbow had set up a good lead before Edenhope Apsley goaled on the siren.
½ Time: Jeparit Rainbow 7.10 – Edenhope Apsley 5.6.

The third quarter saw a real struggle as both teams threw everything into the contest. An early goal to Edenhope Apsley was followed by Nathan Cocks being yellow carded and Lucas Edelsten leaving the ground with a leg injury. Jeparit Rainbow dug deep and played some of their best football for the game while they were a player down. Chris Meyer, who played another top game attacking the ball with his usual fierce determination, kicked a goal to steady the team. The backline led by Heath Clugston, Tyler Edelsten and John Cozens were great as they stood up to the constant pressure. Peter Weir kicked his fifth goal for the game just before three quarter time to ensure his team kept their two goal lead. He had been by far the dominant forward on the ground with a tremendous work rate and strong marking.
¾ Time: Jeparit Rainbow 10.13 – Edenhope Apsley 8.9.

The last quarter belonged to Ash Clugston as he exploded into the game after three quiet quarters. He started the quarter on the ball as Chris Meyer moved to full forward. A brilliant goal from the boundary line was followed by an equally brilliant mark as Ash began the quarter with two quick goals. He finished the quarter with three goals. Sam Cranna had taken on two good opposition ruckmen and quelled their influence while his work around the ground was outstanding.

This was a very strong win as the team was challenged at many stages during the game but a hardworking midfield, a strong defence and more goal kicking options set up a comfortable win. They were also much cleaner in their disposal than the opposition.

Full Time: Jeparit Rainbow 15.16.106 defeated Edenhope Apsley 9.10.64

Goal Kickers: Peter Weir 5, Ash Clugston 3, Luke Murphy, Sean Bayzand, Simon Clugston, Justin Cozens, Chris Meyer, Luke Werner, Riley Launer.
Best Players: Luke Murphy, Sam Cranna, Peter Weir, Heath Clugston, Simon Clugston, Chris Meyer.

After a very even first half Edenhope Apsley broke away in the third quarter as the home team fell away. There was a lack of run and commitment at times during the second half.

Kris Paech played a great game in the ruck and around the ground. Marcus Hiscock played in the backline this week and was a solid defender. Andrew Lamont is having a very good year and with Lachlan Robinson and Brett Jensz stood out in the midfield while Steve Murphy does not know how to play a poor game. Brady Newcombe has been improving each game, this week he moved to the forward line where he took a great mark and kicked his first goal for the club.

Scores: Jeparit Rainbow 9.7.61 lost to Edenhope Apsley 11.14.80

Goal Kickers: Steve Murphy 2, Brett Fisher 2, Lachlan Robinson, Nathan Sparling, Chris Heinrich, Adam Roll, Brady Newcombe.
Best Players: Kris Paech, Andrew Lamont, Steve Murphy, Brett Jensz, Lachlan Robinson, Marcus Hiscock.

This was first against last and the mercy rule was applied early in the second quarter. Hayden Jamieson, Rory O’Halloran, Tyreece Taylor, Jakob Cocks, Liam Preston and Jake Smith never stopped trying against much stronger bodied boys. As the game continued Rory had a good day finishing with five goals.

Scores: Jeparit Rainbow 1.2.8 lost to Edenhope Apsley 13.2.80

Goal Kickers: Rory O’Halloran 5, Jakob Cocks.
Best Players: Hayden Jamieson, Rory O’Halloran, Tyreece Taylor, Jakob Cocks, Liam Preston, Jake Smith.

Watching this team is not good for the heart as for the second week in a row the boys won by five points. Unlike last week Jeparit Rainbow led for most of the game after Aiden Gelligen marked and goaled and then handballed to Xavier Oakley for a second goal to give the team the lead at quarter time. Two goals to Xavier in the second quarter set up a two goal lead at half time. The second half was a real slog as only Edenhope Apsley scored a goal. In the last quarter desperate defence meant the boys were able to hang on for the win, with the ball in their defensive fifty for much of the quarter. Xavier, Jordi Leach, Bailey Clark and Brodie Pitt worked hard around the ground. Matt Thomas and Joad Fuller were leaders in the back line with Murphy Leach also defending well.

Scores: Jeparit Rainbow 4.9.33 defeated Edenhope Apsley 3.10.28

Goal Kickers: Xavier Oakley 2, Bailey Clark, Aidan Gelligen.
Best Players: Xavier Oakley, Matt Thomas, Jordi Leach, Bailey Clark, Brodie Pitt, Nicholas Roll.